Tourism near Gulf Grove Apartments

There are numerous tourist opportunities in the area of Gulf Grove Apartments.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a rich history, as well as many current entertainment opportunities.

A little History:

Historic Sites on the Gulf CoastThe Mississippi Gulf Coast was once home to the Biloxi Indians and later to d’Iberville’s French.

It changed hands countless times over the centuries.

With each new flag, a new culture was infused.

Traces of Spanish rule may be seen—and touched—at the Old Spanish Fort in Pascagoula, built in 1718.

Located on West Ship Island, Fort Massachusetts was one of the last masonry coastal fortifications built in the United States.

Construction began prior to the onset of the Civil War, and almost immediately the Confederates seized the unfinished fort.

By late 1861, Federal forces regained control of the fort, and used it as a prisoner-of-war camp.

In 1862, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers resumed construction of the fort, completing it in 1866.


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